Bishop Broncos Defeat the Bobcats


#15 Katya Fierro

Oscar Mendiola, Sports Writer

Bishop Lady Broncos Flatten the Bobcats

On Tuesday, February 2 the Bishop Lady Broncos hosted a play against the Boron Bobcats for the second time this season in their home game. The Lady Broncos scored within the first 30 seconds of the game when Captain JuliAnna Jackson received a pass from center defensemen Gabby Veenker. Also Captain JuliAnna Jackson scored three goals and had 5 assists in the game, Alyssa Buchholz had three goals and one assist, Ellie Crall and Elizabeth Ellsworth each scored 2 goals. Captain Zoe Dailey had one goal and one assist, while Jillian Veenker, Sydney Norcross, Gabby Veenker and Kenia (Ken-ya) Gonzales had one assist

At the end of the first period the score was 8 to 0 in favor of the Broncos having the lead. The final score was 11-0 bringing the Lady Broncos another victory into their belt and winning against Boron for the second time this season. The Lady Broncos league record went to 13 wins and 0 losses in the High Desert League. The Broncos attacked have scored them 93 league play goals this season and they have only allowed 2 goals to be scored against them.

The Bishop Lady Broncos want to thank the Boron Bobcats for traveling and playing the game. The Bishop Lady Broncos is going to Travel to Kern Valley on Thursday, February 9 playing against them for the second time this season and their final game for the regular season games then next week they are going to start CIF.