Field Day’s Arm Wrestling

One of The Largest Activities Was Started From Two Students

Seth Cox and Riley Phillips

One of the largest activities at the field day on Thursday was the arm wrestling that took place near the Bronco Snack Shack. The activity had over 40 students arm wrestling each other for most of the event, but the activity was the only one not hosted by the school, instead it was started by three students. The activity started when ex-bronco roundup journalist Addison Arneson and Diego Javier arm wrestled on the Snack Shack. Shortly after a table being moved to make it more convenient a crowd grew and other students began to wrestle. The crowed hit it’s peak when Cody Hacins and Joseph Borrow wrestles ending with Cody winning. The crowd continued to stay that size for the rest of the event having many more students test their strength.

Cody Hacins, Micheal Poe