Cross County Meet Bishop Vs Frazier Mountain


Joshua Wilson, Elias Downard, Alexander Adkins, Kyle Schaniel, Steven Veenker, Diego Honda, Ashley Fitt, Denzel Gomez

Riley Phillips, Writer

On Wednesday, September 21 Bishop Cross County Team raced against Frazier Mountain at the Broncos home course in the Tungsten Hills.

The Boys Varsity race was won by Alexander Adkins in a time of 19:01, Denzel Gomez was second in a time of 20:39, Blake Braaten placed fourth in a time of 23:02, Caleb Fitt was sixth in a time of 23:55, Alex Eide was eighth in a time of 24:03,  and Josh Wilson was tenth in a time of 24:20. Bishop Broncos won the race.

“Frazier Mountain beat us in the girls’ Varsity Race,” Coach Michael Walsh said. “The girls’ race took a little longer than expected because all the girls took a wrong turn on the course and ended up running a long distance.”

Audrey Cokeley finished in first place and Anwyn Benson finish second.