Getting to Know Drum Major Steven Veenker


Riley Phillips

Steven Veenker

Jonah Veenker, writer

Steven veenker is a sophomore at Bishop Union High School and is the drum major this year. I had the pleasure of getting to sit down with him and talk about how this year is going so far.

Q: How is this year in band going so far?

This year of band is going very nicely right now, we are working on the middle part of our song for the upcoming football game and learning how to march to it.

Q: When a football game is approaching and you all have to practice how does that go?

The day before the game we have a two-hour rehearsal from six to eight where most of the band comes out and we just go over everything we are going to do the next day, we practice our marching, our playing, and just overall the quality of our performance.

Q: Is being a drum major stressful?

I would say it really depends on how everyone is doing that day. like it does have its moments of great stress, somedays are much much harder than the rest, but there are also good days where everything goes smoothly and calm. Game days are usually the least stressful funny enough.

Q: Who is your favorite person in the band? 

I would have to say I don’t have a favorite person in the band, I like everyone in there and everyone’s got a good thing going for themselves. But I do really like the trumpet row because I play the trumpet.

Q: How many instruments can you play?

I think at this point I can play six instruments I play the trumpet when I’m performing in the band, I play the guitar when I’m alone at home, the bass guitar, and the harmonica.

Q: How are you doing in school?

School-wise and grade wise I’m good, I’m maintaining them at a good level and I hope the rest goes smoothly as the rest of the year continues.

Q: What is your life story simplified?

I was born in Hendersonville Tennessee. I moved to Bishop in I think two thousand twelve when I was… six? And I have been living here ever since.

Q: How did you spend your labor day weekend?

For this labor day weekend, I went to LA to see my lovely girlfriend. Actually one day we went to the beach to dig a hole just for fun and I accidentally broke the shovel we were using. It just broke right in half like a clean cut, it was awesome and I can’t wait to go back.