ASB Cards Go Digital


Cora Van Nest, Writer

ASB cards are digital this year and are being sold now online at With an ASB card, students can get into all sporting events for $1 and they get discounted entry into school events and dances such as Homecoming and Prom.

Despite the fact that ASB cards have been physical in the past, Ms. Jensen, the advisor of ASB, says that “there will be only digital cards unless otherwise requested. If there is strong interest, we will consider physical cards.” And any students who wish to buy an ASB card with cash will soon be able to do so at lunch where ASB will make the digital purchase for them and the student will be added to a list of ASB card holders. Students may also approach Ms. Jenson personally to purchase an ASB card with cash.

The money earned from the sale of ASB cards goes to ASB to put on school events such as dances, like Homecoming and Prom, as well as field days, rallies, and other student-centered activities. Ms. Jensen says “the more people who buy cards, the better we can make these events.”

Be sure to buy your ASB card at to support future ASB events and save money when attending games and dances this school year.