On the Lamb: Good Earth Yogurt Review


Enjoying time and treats at Good Earth Yogurt! (left to right) Kristen Lamb, Diana Bodine, and Walker Mcmurry

Kristen Lamb

Hey Broncos! Have you been to Good Earth Yogurt? This new yogurt place has just opened recently last summer and has proven to be a town favorite. This modern designed yogurt shop, with it’s cowhide and brick decor, is easily one of the cutest buisnesses in Bishop. I met up with Juniors, Diana Bodine and Walker McMurry, and we prepared to review Good Earth’s quality yogurt and explore the diversity of their menu.

Good Earth has a nice variety of different flavored frozen yogurts available for self serve. The flavors range from good old chocolate and vanilla to more interesting flavors like pomegranate and pumpkin spice. They even have a coconut cream flavor which is dairy-free. They deem all their yogurt to be organic and you can taste the creaminess and the quality for the yogurt doesn’t taste too sweet or artificially sweetened. The variety of self serve toppings is also an impressive array. Diana liked Good Earth’s “fresh fruit options available even though it does weigh down your yogurt.” There is a  variety of chocolates, crushed candies and nut assortments as well. They provide sauce toppings like caramel and have their own whipped cream dispenser. Their variety is sure to cater to everyone’s taste and as Walker asserted, “You can do whatever with it.”


Diana and Walker created two personalized cups of yogurt and toppings. Diana tried the coconut cream yogurt with the toppings of almonds, sprinkles, Oreo, and coconut. She found this cup to be delightful but wished the Oreo pieces were bigger “instead of powder’” because she enjoys a “crunch.” Walker sampled the pomegranate yogurt which he commented “tasted like pomegranate” rather than having a fake artificial flavor. He chose the toppings of M&M’s, cookie dough, and chocolate caramel truffles. Walker thought that “the pomegranate yogurt paired really well with the chocolate, it’s a good pair.”


Also, Good Earth has a behind the counter menu where they serve special prepared yogurts in a jar. They have both a sweet menu of yogurts and a savory collection. We were curious about their savory options and decided to try one out for ourselves. We ordered the Veggie Parfait Greek Yogurt in the half size. This jar was filled halfway with hummus and the other half was occupied with plain Greek yogurt. This layer was topped with sliced cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, pine nuts, and olives. This interesting combination was certainly bursting with flavor but was overwhelmingly sour. Walker did not think that hummus and Greek yogurt should be mixed. He also stated that he “only tasted the hummus, it was a little bitter.” The strong hummus flavor was enhanced by the olives and, unfortunately, the other toppings and Greek yogurt did not balance the flavor out. Eating spoonfuls of hummus was an odd treat and the overpowering olive taste made it hard to thoroughly enjoy. This parfait was very filling and satisfied my hunger but was hard to get through because of the unpleasantly strong sourness. Overall, this menu item was a “weird mixture” as determined by Walker.


  We were also interested in trying a couple slices of pie because Good Earth is also a pie bar. The first pie we tried was the pecan pie, courtesy of Mimi’s Cookie Bar in Mammoth. This pie was phenomenal slice of heaven. Pecan pies are usually sweet and thick but this slice was only moderately sweet and light. Walker made the accurate remark that “it wasn’t too sweet but the sweetness was there.” It was definitely sweet enough to be enjoyable but not overwhelmingly. The main flavor of the pie was focused on the actual pecans. With each bite, I could taste their distinctive flavor. The crust on the pie was also exceptional for it was delicate and flaky and added a satisfying crunch in addition to the pecans.


The next pie reviewed was the mixed berry pie also from Mimi’s Cookie Bar. Diana was pleased by the presence of actual berries in the pie for she felt as though the flavor was real. She also commented that the crust was a “flaky croissant” and “was super good except that it was super thick and kind of hard to break into and bite.” But all in all, this pie was a delicious selection.

Good Earth Yogurt is a fun atmosphere to go to and hang out with friends. The prices are higher than the general prices of chain frozen yogurt businesses but is reasonable for the quality and availability of their products. With so many options available and the ability to purchase the special menu items or create your own yogurt masterpiece, Good Earth Yogurt is the amazing new business in town where you can enjoy a personalized treat.

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