Momberg’s Walk Off Homerun Sends Broncos to Boron 


Marleyana Bayhurst

Baileigh Momberg

Marleyana Bayhurst

Baileigh Momberg’s solo homerun in the bottom of the 7th gave the Broncos a 5-4 win over Golden Valley on Wednesday.  The win sends the Broncos to Boron Monday for the second round. The Broncos are hoping that the third time is the charm as Boron defeated Bishop twice during the regular season. The Broncos finished as runners up in the HDL to the Bobcats.  


Wednesday Stats:

Geneva Molina pitched all 7 innings.  Allowing 4 runs on 6 hits, 1 BB and 12 K’s.

Lyndsey Rowan was 3 for 3, 1RBI, 1 run scored

Geneva Molina was 2 for 3, 1HR, 1triple, 1 RBI, 1 run scored

Sienna Fuller had 1 hit, 1stolen base

Kayla  Jackson was 2 for 4, 1RBI, 1 stolen base

Eva Weaver had 1 hit, 1 stolen base

Jaylee Doll had 1 BB, 1 stolen base 1 run scored

Madi Torres had a sac bunt, 1RBI

Baileigh Momberg hit a walk off HR