Senior profile on Alexis Eide


Alexis Eide

Ximena Cervantes, Addison Arneson, Journalist

Alexis is a senior here at Bishop Union High School, who is involved in track and field, and is  very lively and talkative, and today we got to ask her a few questions. 

Do you plan on going to college, and if so, where?

“Yes, I am planning to go to Sacramento State University.”

How has your experience been at Bishop High?

“I would say that it has been a good experience and there are a lot of friendly people, and a good atmosphere.”

What career would you like to do?

“I will be going to school for business/marketing, because I have leadership, and one day being able to work for a big business or my own business.”

How do you feel about leaving here?

“I’m excited to leave just because we’ve been in a contained environment for so long, and we all know each other, so I’m excited to meet new people, but I will miss the mountains and the outdoors.”

What will you miss the most about BUHS?

“I think I will miss my friend Sara and Marion because we went through thick and thin and have created a strong bond. I will also miss my teachers because they have made a big impact on me.”

Are you ready to move away?

“Yes, I’m ready to meet new people and see new things and sort of be able to go find who I am.”

What is your favorite part about High School?

“Probably going to track and hanging out with my friends on the weekends,”

If you had advice for new freshmen at BUHS what would it be?

“Make sure that you get community service done early, because it gets very stressful later on, and also that your friends can change a lot through high school.”