Bishop Lady Broncos Beat Cal City Ravens


Varsity soccer team

Tiffany Dago, Ximena Cervantes, Sports Writer

Despite the Lady Broncos missing six of their players, the team stepped up and took on the challenge. On Tuesday, January 11th against Cal City.

Ellie Crall, Julianna Jackson, Emily Carrillo,  Are the girls who scored in the first half. Ellie Crall scored 3 goals, 

Julianna Jackson scored 4 goals. Emily Carillo scored 1 goal. That led them to 8 goals in the first half.

Alyssa Buchholz, Brooklyn Braaten, Ellie Crall, Alex Morales, Selena Solario helped their teams with assistance

The Cal City Ravens scored one goal in the first half around five minutes and 20 seconds.

 In the second half, the Lady Broncos had made two goals. Julianna Jackson, Alyssa Buccholz were the girls to make them.

Alex Morales, Brooklyn Braaten. Helped them with assistance. The lady broncos took the win 10-1.