Success Program Continues to Help Students to Find a Career

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Susana Rosales, Writer

Bishop Union High School Success Class

The Success class is back in season here at Bishop Union High School.  Mrs. Kress is one of the teachers of the Success program.  The classes were put on hold during the pandemic but are back as part of the curriculum.  Kress has been teaching success for over 5 years and right now she has sophomores who are focusing on careers

Right now I’m teaching sophomores in Success 102, and they’re learning about what their passions and values are, as well as skills they have and skills they need for their careers of interest,” Kress said.  “Students in Success 102 will research careers that match their passions, values, and lifestyle goals, as well as look into what education is necessary for each career of interest.”

Kress indicates that her students have a wide range of interests. 

Some of the careers of interest in our Success 102 class are as follows:

Mechanic, veterinarian, dental hygienist, electrician, information technology, nurse, physician’s assistant, psychologist, etc,” Kress said.”In the past, we’ve had students make decisions during Success to study diesel mechanics, nursing, cosmetology, animal science, engineering, and again, the list goes on.”

Overall Kress is very excited about the success program and the ability to build deep relationships with her students. 

Teaching success allows us to get to know our students on a different level, which is what we love about it, ” Kress said.” As success teachers we have the opportunity to hear about goals that students have for high school, as well as after high school.  We get to learn about what students are passionate about, what they value, and what sounds interesting to them as far as careers and life go. Having the chance to research career opportunities, goals, and life in general with students is amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”