Welcome the New Bishop Union High School Snowboarding Team


Birch Ray, Sports Writer


Bishop Union High School snowboarding team is back. The first race will be held at Mammoth Mountain on January 13, 2022 but they will be starting their training and practice at the beginning of December.

 The team consists of boys and girls, for the girls the team is made up of Emily Carillo, Julia Ablanedo, and Sydney McAdams. For the boys the team is made up of  Klye Shaniel, Haven del Giudice, Teb del Giudice,John Drew, Grady Shaniel, Deekon Trim, Braeden McGrale, Blake Winzenread, Ryan Forbis, Sam Johnson and Tristan Cooper. The Broncos will be coached by Dustin del Giudice.

The schedule for the competitions starts on January 13, 2022 as their first game and January 14, 2022 for their second. Their February competitions will start on the 10th, they will have another one on the 11th, then on the 17th and 18th they will end in February.