It Was A Pleasure Having You With Us Mr. Rose


Karen Ruiz

Last year Mr.Rose came to Bishop High School to be part of our team. His duties were to serve as the overall director of our school, to provide our students support and to promote ethical conduct.  He recently made a few changes that surprise most of us. We asked Mr. Rose a few questions in regards to what he plans to do next. 


Did you enjoy being our Dean’s at Bishop High School?

Yes, I like it a lot but I like teaching in class more and I miss being in class.

 Where are you going to teach next?

 Right now I don’t know, I’m going to stay at home with my daughters.

 In the future will you like to come back as our Dean’s or maybe even as a teacher?

When my daughters are older if possible.

 What good experiences are you taking from  Bishop High School?

I really like the high school students. It’s a lot of fun talking to older students and I really like the high school teachers and all the staff.

Any future plans that you would like to accomplish?

A help center for students to go after school.

Thank you Mr. Rose for being part of our Bishop High School team. It has been a pleasure to have you as our Dean’s. We wish you the best and we will love to see you back at our Bishop High School campus in the near future. Meanwhile enjoy your family and we will see you again, who knows maybe as a teacher?