Which Branch Of the Military Is Best For You

Greg Tordoff, Journalist

If college isn’t something you want to do straight out of high school, some of the other choices given include military service. To many, the military is a quick way to get out of wherever you are. You prepare for this by taking the ASVAB, then seeing what branch you can enlist in. The branches include the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, the Marines, and the Coast Guard. On a strictly money basis, all branches start with a relatively similar pay grade of about $20,000 annually. This pay will go up as you rise through the ranks. In terms of where you may go, each branch is very different. For example, if you join the Navy, you could be stationed on a ship, but if you join the Army, you will be sent to a base somewhere in the world. All the branches, except for the Coast Guard, have bases situated around the world. The Coast Guard is special because it is the defense of the mainland, so all their bases are in the U.S. They patrol the coasts and provide relief to those in need. For overall benefits, all the branches are relatively similar. The Army is across the globe, so with their benefits, you can travel to any of the bases, have great medical care, and a low-cost home on a base. The Air Force also has bases across the globe, with travel benefits, medical care, and housing available. This carries on for all the branches. Overall, the branch you join is whichever one you think you would fit best in, or the one where you think you’ll grow the most. Be it the Marines or the Air Force, you will be well off once you join.