Bishop Union Bronco Football Starting Back up

Colt Matteson , Sports Writer

The Bronco Football team has already restarted. The weight room is now open for the team to get into shape for the 2021-22 season. The weight room is open for anyone who wants to play football this upcoming season. 

I asked a few people if they are excited about this upcoming season. Junior Walker Rost Kruger said, “I am excited and motivated to begin my senior year.” 

Junior Zach Mojarro said, “I am glad that the weight room is open again and ready to get bigger, stronger, and faster.”

Junior Joseph Redowl said, “I’m excited that the weight room is open and also for all the new kids to show what they got. I’m ready to see them transform and be one ith the weight room.”

 Overall the upcoming seniors for the 2021-22 season are motivated and ready to go.