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Sierra Burror

Ezra Spoonhunter, Writer

Introducing Senior Athlete Sierra Burror

Sierra Burror is a senior athlete for both the Bishop Union High School Track and Cross Country teams. She has continued to run, even through the current pandemic, and continues to perform proficiently.

Burror has been running throughout high school and middle school, and has been hiking since before middle school. Hiking, in particular, is what brought her into running. With a cross country race only being 3 miles long, as opposed to the much longer miles she was used to hiking, the transition came naturally.

Running at such a high level does not come without difficulties. Burror understands the mental hardships that come with competing.

“I think those are the hardest moments,” Burror said. “You went out and you did your best and your best just wasn’t enough that day. Those are difficult because you start to wonder: is it really working, am I really doing this, am I really good enough? The answer is always yes”.

To avoid difficulties and to keep a good relaxed mindset, Burror has various ways of preparing herself for a meet. She rolls out her muscles, eats something that’s easy on her stomach, and tries to get enough sleep.

“I just have to make sure I relax myself mentally when I go into races,” Burror said. “That used to be a huge problem, I used to get really uptight; I would scare myself out of running well.” 

Burror plans to continue running after she graduates high school, and even has plans to hit the freshman records at Cornell University. But for now, she continues to perform well for Bishop Union High School.

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