NASA Club continues on through COVID


Isa Vasquez

Jacob Lomaintewa, Garret Martinez, Joey Molina, Jaison Saulque, Luis Cruz

Joseph Red Owl, Writer

NASA has not had any meetings lately or any upcoming meetings, NASA did come together for the first time in a while for their yearbook photo lately this has been the first time in a long time . In the next month we hope to see changes any hope for club meetings so seniors may participate for the last time. 

If you do not know NASA is the Native American Student Association open to all students at BUHS, the club meets once a month and discusses certain topics about school and even academic trips.

Yet again NASA has not been able to host any meetings because of COVID-19 with the school year ending right around the corner we hope to see a change soon. We hold high hopes for next year that everything will return to normal.