Bishop Girls Soccer is off to a Unbeaten Start


Andres Rios , Sports Writer

The Bishop varsity girls soccer team is off with a 2-0 start. The Bishop Girls varsity soccer team had their first game on April 9th defeating Frazier Mountain 2-1. The Falcons jumped out to a lead of 1-0, but by the end of the game the Broncos ended by winning the game with JuliAnna Jackson scoring the first goal before half time, and Jayden Davis scoring the second and last goal of the game. 

On April 13, the Broncos girls varsity soccer team played a very hard, and competitive team Rosamond, but the Broncos were ready for it. The Broncos took the lead in the first half with JuliAnna Jackson scoring the opening goal, once the half ended the score was 1-0 to the broncos. Second half of the game Brooklyn Braaten and Jordan Pritchard each scored a goal making the Broncos take the lead of 3-0 and making it the final score of the game.