Sasha Greene (Mrs. Greene) Profile

Joseph Red Owl, Writer

Mrs Greene around Campus is known for being an easy-going, and a fun teacher, I had the opportunity to interview her on our current COVID predicament, Mrs Greene and I spoke about how she feels about our current situation. I was able to come in conclusion that she 

Mrs Greene, explained that with class time being cut in half it is difficult to teach all the curriculum she also stated that she will “feel rushed” and that she will usually have to remind herself to slow down. Mrs Greene also explained that she does not get the same chance to connect with all her students as she usually would if it was a normal year. She stated that she does “feel lucky” that we have some students in seats while other schools in California are full distance.

I spoke to Mrs Greene on our current class schedule which is the block schedule. Mrs Greene stated that she actually “loves block scheduling” she also explained that it is not much of a problem being a teacher she has always had to be flexible and prepared for a hard challenge. I asked her how herself has adjusted to it and Mrs Greene said “I do what I need to do to make it work”.

Finally I asked her how has our class scheduling affect students curriculum and test grades, Mrs Greene explained that it is not much of a struggle but there is some difficulties like trying to find a good testing website and not having a mandate to have computer cameras on, she believes that both the students and teachers will prevail through this challenging time.