Jordynn Peek Senior Profile

Jordynn Peek

Alexis Eide, Journalist

This year our seniors have faced quite a few challenges with Covid and hybrid learning.

Jordynn Peek is a senior this year at Bishop Union Highschool. She Juggles both a part-time job and school along with maintaining a strong relationship with her friends.

 “School is alright but it is a lot more difficult this year because of online school and finding motivation.” Says Jordynn. She has found this year a little challenging with keeping things balanced.

This year’s seniors are coming up to the time of the year where they need to see what colleges they want to go to and which one they might accept. 

“At the moment I’m not sure where I want to go quite yet,” says Jordynn after giving it a thought. 

She does know that she is interested in going into the medical field and being able to help people who might need her and allows her to maintain her lively personality.

“I like talking to people and will be able to move around a lot during my job.”

Many people when asked what they will miss about Bishop say they will miss the mountains and so will Jordynn along with many other things.

“I will miss the football games and the bonfires we had and I’ll miss all the people I grew up with”

Jordynn is a very lively person and has many opportunities coming her way in the next couple of months and BUHS will miss her and her personality.