Introducing Ms. Kingsbury


(photo submitted by Z. Kingsbury

Zoe Kingsbury (Photo Submitted)

Ezra Spoonhunter, Writer

A New Art Teacher at BUHS

Ms. Kingsbury is the new art teacher here on the BUHS Campus. She teaches commercial art for all grade levels, and enjoys being able to combine art with education.

Kingsbury grew up in Paso Robles, California. She would spend most of her life in California, until moving to Bend, Oregon. Here, she would teach at charter school for a 6th grade class. It was here where Kingsbury would spark an interest for teaching art.

“There were a lot of things I liked about teaching 6th grade, and I’m thankful for the learning experiences that it brought me,” Kingsbury said. “but my heart was really in art education and I knew teaching older students would be a better fit for my personality.”

With a desire to teach high school students, and a longing to return to California, Kingsbury would apply at Bishop Union High School. Here, she would get the opportunity to teach art.

Kingsbury finds that her students are the best part of her job. This is despite the difficulties of meeting students and teaching online. But despite these difficulties, her students motivate her to continue teaching in this very trying time.  

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