The Beginning of the Soccer Season


Varsity boys soccer

Andres Rios

After a long wait for all sports they are announcing that soccer for boys and girls is going to start in the beginning of February. There are many sports for many other people but I and a good amount of others have been waiting to start the soccer season.  

I spoke to players from both girls and boys teams and they all seemed happy for the season to start. We don’t know if games are going to start or not but what we know is that practices and conditioning are going to start and we are hoping for both teams to be ready.

For the boys, soccer training is going to start Thursday, February 11 from 5:15 – 7pm Tuesday – Friday and I talked to 2 boys Hugo Santana and Alex Landaverde who are interested in playing soccer asking them, how do they feel about this year’s soccer season.

How do you feel about this year’s soccer season? He responded with “this soccer season man Im not too sure what to think about it.”says Hugo Santana, “Kids who we need most won’t be able to play because of their grades. We will all put in work but I am not to sure how it’s gonna go without the main players

“what are you expecting this soccer season?”. “What am I expecting? I’m expecting us to take HDL this season” said Alex Landaverde, “the whole soccer team is going to be working their butts off so we can show them how serious and how much we love to play soccer it’s not a sport when we play it’s a family doesn’t matter what race or anything we all come along and if we do that we are going to take HDL without a problem. We won’t get scored on at all. We are gonna have clean sheets for the whole year and we are gonna go to CIF and show them that we aren’t the old bishop that we would give up. Easily we are gonna show them that we are there to play and take the ring”. 

For the girls soccer team they are starting their season with a meeting on the 5th of February and starting their conditioning/practice on the 8th and their meeting they will be deciding the times they will start at. I also spoke to 2 girl soccer players, Taylor Dailey and Selena Solorio. 

“what are you expecting this soccer season?”. She responded with “I’m expecting to improve my skills and help the new players improve”said Taylor Dailey, “so when we have games, we will be ready.”

“what are your thoughts about this year’s soccer season?”.”I think we are going to practice for a bit then we may have a couple of scrimmages” said Selena Solorio, “and also we might play against the high school soccer boys if we don’t end up having any games this season”

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