Bishop Broncos Basketball 2021 season

Karen Ruiz,

The circumstances that we are facing at the moment are affecting so many people, but I would like to focus on sports today, specifically looking at the pending basketball season.  I will be introducing our athletic director Stacy Van Nest, we will be asking a few questions in regards to the basketball team and what are their expectations for this year’s team. I will be also introducing Idaly Davila, a sophomore student this year at BUHS and a really close friend of mine. She will give us her point of view from a prospective team member. This will be Idaly’s second year playing basketball and she is waiting impatiently for this 2021 season to get started. 

Stacy Van Nest has  been teaching at BUHS since 2000, mostly math but there have been years when she  has done anything but teaching math only.  She has been the Athletic Director at BUHS for 11 years.  She also coached softball since she has been at BUHS.  This year she was absolutely crazy and decided to take on the Drill team and Color guard program at HSMS so we could have a program.  She is married to a Bishop born and raised boy and they have two daughters, a sophomore and a 7th grader.  When she is not teaching or coaching or being a mom, she enjoys mountain biking.

Do you think the Basketball team will be able to start training anytime soon or is there any information in regards to  Basketball season at BUHS? “I am afraid there won’t be much to report on basketball.  In order for us to have high school basketball this season, we need to be in the yellow tier and I am just not that optimistic,” Stacy Van Nest said.

Idaly Davila started the school year in August 2019 and entered basketball in October 2019, the positions that Idaly played the most were wing and center throughout the season. They won most of the games except for one. She had plans to play the 2020 season but due to COVID the season was canceled till further notice.

How do you feel knowing that you lost a basketball season?

“I felt bad that I was left without going out to play in other places but mostly not being able to see my teammates has been the worst,” Idaly Davila said.