Band During Hybrid Learning

Band Faces Changes During the 2020-2021 School Year.


The Bishop Union High School band performs, their their proud music pumping up the crowd

Alexis Eide, Journalist

Hybrid learning, Covid-19 and having a new teacher have thrown some obstacles at this year’s band class. The Band is used to being able to practice together here at school and hear what the songs sound like with each and every instrument. But this year is different. Instead, they play along to recordings at home that grades them on their playing.

Imagine being in a band, it’s something you love doing and you work hard to become a better player. Some Bronco Band students have been in band class since they were in the 4th grade. Slowly becoming better and better, learning their notes and the correct amature with the same teacher the whole entire time. This year they have a new teacher named Mr. Mills, Mr. Mills used to substitute for Mr. Daughtry has needed the last couple of years and has now taken his place after Daugherty retired at the end of the 2020 school year. On top of having a new teacher there is also a pandemic going on and a hybrid schedule. Instead of being in a band together, they see each other one day on zoom and one day in person but they don’t actually play together. They practice on a site that grades them on performance.

Ryan Forbis is a Junior at Bishop Union High school and has been in the band since elementary. Ryan explains to us how band is this year during a pandemic.

“Band is great even though it is different.” “It is still a great learning experience,” Ryan says

Ryan Goes on to say “I appreciate Mr. Mills a lot during this time because he teaches over 100 kids a day over the computer! During COVID our class has changed to more of music fundamentals and marching class.”

Band class this year has been adjusted to fit the requirements during covid and with a new teacher named Mr. Mills taking the role of Mr. Daugherty.

Mr. Mills has a lot to offer the students this year and to help improve their marching and playing.

“I’m so happy to be teaching full time at BUHS and HSMS. I’m grateful that Mr. Daugherty allowed me to the sub. for him when he was still teaching. I think this allowed me to at least get to know my students in some capacity and allowed them to see my teaching style while conducting the band since they haven’t seen that this semester due to the playing restrictions the state has imposed.” Mr. Mills explains.

Mr. Mills explains that he is all for the students and wants to help them become good musicians. 

“I am so proud of my students for adjusting to band the way it has looked this year during distance learning. My biggest goal is really just to retain students in the band from this year to next in the hope that when we return to normal, I have kept as many students as possible in the band and we are able to make music together, in-person again!”

As you can see even though covid throughs in some obstacles band is still striving like before and working on all the things they need to to become the best they can and improving their marching.

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