Bronco Football Season Brought to a Halt


Isa Vasquez

O-line getting ready for a play

Joseph Red Owl, Sports Writer


Winter sports brought to a halt by COVID-19 complications continue to hold back any close physical sports for example tackle football the returning champions Bishop Broncos are unable to further their practices and bring what they hoped a good year to be almost no year at all.

With these complications and the feeling of no football I interviewed Bronco athlete Anthony Diaz and Head Coach Arnie Palu to give an insight on how they feel about the season so far and their concern for perhaps not having a season.

Head Coach Arnie Palu remains hopeful in having a season and reminded me that in order to play Bishop has to get into the “Orange” tier, Palu believes we can get into the orange tier just as long as COVID cased drop.

I spoke to Palu on our senior situation who continue to miss out on so much of their high school career both athletics and other things such as prom and homecoming, Palu in response said “I feel horrible for our seniors” and that your senior year is typically the best after you spend the last three years preparing for your senior year Palu said that “I hope our seniors get to experience that”

In my interview with Head Coach Arnie Palu I also spoke to him on how he feels about CIFs decision to halt everything and how he continues to bounce back from this roadblock.

Palu in response to asking him about how he feels about CIFs decision said that he finds “it really hard to sit back and watch many other states play, and without any major issues” as well as that it has been a “really good lesson in patience”.

Palu believes that his team can bounce back easily from this roadblock because they continue to “workout and conduct team activities” and that his team will continue to workout and wait for the opportunity to appear and that “We need to start experiencing some victories, in any form”.

Bronco Athlete Anthony Diaz a returning senior continues to believe that they will have a season he said “I’m taking it with a grain of salt like i’m hopeful but I don’t want to be sad” and in response to how he feels about his fellow seniors Diaz said “I’ve played with all of them in my high school career and I know that it means so much to them as they’ve been doing it for way longer that I have.”

Bronco Athlete Diaz spoke on how he feels about CIFs decision to halt the season he thinks they’re calls are not very smart and that they should be “making everything a case by case deal”. Diaz also spoke about how he plans to bounce back from this rough year he said that “I’ve got plenty going for me I do a lot already and from it I just want to do more and achieve the thing I want to achieve”.

Overall the important thing is that both Anthony Diaz and Arnie Palu both continue to remain strong and hope for a season and believe they can achieve that through patience and in hopes of COVID cases dropping.