Students share their opinions on the return to distance learning


Lyndsey Rowan, Writer

How students feel about returning to distanced learning after 2 weeks of in person education second semester

It is rather well known now that students are tired of the pandemic. Some of the downsides of distance learning are that they are not getting taught in person and not being able to see their friends. However, there was a small respite. Students were able to go to school in person for 2 weeks after winter break. For a period of time, school seemed normal, aside from the masks and social distancing. Alas, after those two weeks, returning to school in person was deemed unsafe, and students had to return to Zoom classes. How did this affect the students? Did they agree with the decision? What do they do to pass the time? Some BUHS students share their thoughts.

Did the students enjoy the fortnight of in person education they had? Experiences varied between individuals.

Junior Haiwee Fredericks says “I couldn’t enjoy the first two weeks of in person education, I got put into quarantine after the first day.” She believes that  “We should have had distance learning two weeks after the break considering people went out of town.”

Madelyne Bigham, also a junior, says that she “enjoyed the weeks” and that they “made the world feel full of people again.”

For the most part, students who went to school in person are disappointed at the return of distanced learning.

“I strongly dislike the unreliability of attending school, especially when we already attend so infrequently,” Bigham shares.

Haiwee says that she is also “a little disappointed, but it is for the best of everyone’s health.”

Many of the students who were in person expected a return to distanced learning, seeing as the schedules have been fluctuating.

Bigham “knew we would go back to DL at some point and that DL would be extended, just like last year.”

To Fredericks, it “looks like we will return [to] in person considering the elementary students have returned today.” However, she also says that “after the large amount of tourists from the recent snowfall we should stay distance learning for a little longer.”

As for the distanced learners who didn’t go back to school in person, did they want to go back at any point? 

Junior Ethan Fahey says “I did not want to go back to school. Being on my own schedule, for the most part, has been pretty fun, and I’ve gotten myself into a routine at this point so why fix what isn’t broken?”

Do full time distanced learning students find learning harder while not being in person? Many of the advantages of education in person are not available to them.

Fahey “did not find school being any harder being full DL. If anything, [he has] found it easier.” 

BUHS students have had to adapt to changing circumstances. While learning through video chats, students have to find a way to stay on top of their work.

“During distance learning I try to get a majority of my work done as soon as it’s assigned or before Friday because I like to have a three day weekend,” Fredericks shares. 

I have been keeping my phone in a different room during school so that I can focus on my work,” Bigham says as she explains one of her strategies. 

Lastly, what are students looking forward to when in-person classes resume?

“Assuming everything is safe by that point, just being able to be in public without a mask would be enough for me,” Fahey says.

Haiwee says “I’m looking forward to seeing my friends but not looking forward to seeing people wear their mask incorrectly.”

Bigham is “looking forward to at least seeing people. Even though masks keep people from speaking to one another too often, it’s still nice to see people.”

Whether it will be safe enough to return with masks or too dangerous without them, everyone is looking forward to seeing each other in person again.

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