A New Teacher on Campus, Ms. Garbarini


Ezra Spoonhunter, Writer

A New English Teacher

Ms. Garbarini, or Ms. Garbs, as known by her students, is a new english teacher here at Bishop Union High School. She is a CP 9th grade English teacher and a CP 11th grade English teacher. She enjoys her job because she enjoys the students and despite some difficulties during the current pandemic, finds it worth it.

 Garbarini grew up in Colonia, New Jersey but moved to Huntington Beach, California to fulfill her desire to be outdoors more and escape the cold.

“I’m an outdoorsy person (not much to do in New Jersey) and I also didn’t like the cold weather,” Said Garbarini,  “so I thought, “‘Hey why not move to Southern California?’” 

She would work at Irvine High School as a teacher for the 13 years she lived in Hunting Beach. In the meantime, she would drive to Mammoth to be outdoors on weekends. Garbarini even got a job as a rock climbing guide in Mammoth during the summers of 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Garbarini has been visiting the Eastern Sierras since 2013. So, in fall of 2019 she bought a house in Bishop, and secured a job at BUHS in spring of 2020.

Garbarini enjoys rock climbing and being outdoors in general. She is enjoying her new position at BUHS, and thanks to the support of her students and colleagues, is able to work through the struggles of teaching in a pandemic.

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