The Head Injury of Raul Jimenez

Wolerhampton Wanderers F.C. also known as “Wolves” have maybe lost their #1 striker Raul Jimenez due to a head coalition that may have just ended his career. 

Sports all around the world have always had problems with injuries that have sent players straight to the hospital, and that have struggled to get back on their feet. Anything can happen at any moment in sports that no one ever expected it to happen.

Raul Jimenez isn’t just known as Wolves #1 striker, he is also one of the best strikers in the Mexico National team. He has won big games for both teams and has made an impact in both, his coalition with Arsenal’s center back David Luiz happened during a corner kick in the 5th min of the first half.

Once Jimenez was taken off the pitch he was rushed to the hospital because he was unconscious. While David Luiz was able to continue to play but he had to wear a band on his head because he started bleeding. Once Jimenez made it to the hospital they had to find out what was wrong with him and not too long after the game had finished they reported that he had a fractured skull.

After a few days they started to say that Jimenez might be forced to retire, they figured out that he had the same problem as Ryan Mason, a former soccer player who had to retire from the exact injury that happened in 2017.