ASB During Hybrid Learning



Alexis Eide, Journalist

ASB Faces Challenges During COVID

ASB at Bishop Union Highschool this year is a lot different from previous years. This year’s ASB students work harder than ever to try and come up with fun and exciting activities and spirit days while following COVID guidelines.

Imagine Being in a class where your whole goal was to make the students have fun and hopefully get to know each other a little better but you have to factor in that if you do something someone could get sick. That’s what this year’s ASB students have to take into account when coming up with spirit days and activities for the student body to participate in. 

Colton Matteson is a Junior here at BUHS, and is in ASB this year. Colton explains to us how ASB is this year and what they are doing to try and make this year fun.

“ASB is only online at the moment and we are trying to figure out new stuff each day”, Matteson said. 

ASB has faced a couple of challenges this year trying to come up with things that go hand in hand with the guidelines.

“It’s hard coming up with spirit days and fundraisers because of COVID.” Matteson goes on to say “I really like everything about ASB and the ASB teacher is amazing, she is so focused and can do anything when she puts her mind to it.” 

Taylor Hartshorn is the new ASB teacher this year but participated in ASB all four years she attended BUHS.

I would say that ASB is going well considering all of the new obstacles the program has faced this year,” Hartshorn said. “We have a great group of students that are hard-working and extremely dedicated to the program which makes it a little easier being a new advisor.”

ASB is working hard to make this year as fun as possible and somewhat normal for BUHS students.

“The Hybrid Learning program, as a whole, is a fantastic option in response to COVID-19; but it’s not always super easy to keep up with,” Hartshorn said. “Planning any event or fundraiser has always had its challenges but COVID-19 in general has definitely made the process more difficult at times. The health and safety of our student body, staff members, and community has and will remain ASB’s top priority. We really just have to be creative and innovative with our approach from now on.”