Teachers and Students Adjust to the New Schedule


Isaias Rios

Lyndsey Rowan

Katy Johnston, Writer

The 2020 school year has created big changes in education.  Both Teachers and Students have had to adjust to a new schedule and new ways of teaching and learning.  Bishop Union High school opened the year with full distance learning, then shifted to a hybrid schedule with half of the enrolled students attending classes for in seat instruction each day.  The changes created a sharp learning curve for all.  

Arnie Palu is a teacher at Bishop Union High School. He teaches intro to journalism, media and marketing.  Palu also serves as the head football coach.  For Coach Palu, getting back into the classroom was an important step. 

“I really enjoy being back on campus with the students,” Palu Said, “The classroom interactions are so important and I love that part of my job.  Being back with kids in the classroom has been a step toward normalcy.” 

While Palu enjoys being back in the classroom, there are certain challenges that go along with the hybrid distance learning schedule.  

“There are challenges,” Palu says, “Keeping students engaged is a major challenge during distance learning.  Also keeping my A and B students, along with the full time distance learners on the same page is a challenge, but it’s definitely worth the extra work.” 

While bringing new students back onto campus Palu has been desanitizing and wearing a mask during the times near other students for close to 5 hours a day, more difficulties to stay safe but get back to his normal. 

“I certainly did not sign up to teach with the expectation that I would spend my time during passing periods cleaning desks, but it is a small thing to do to make sure we are safe,” Palu says.  “The masks make interactions difficult, with voices muffled, but again, it’s a small sacrifice to have students face to face.”

If you had a choice to teach from home instead of having to be on campus would you stay home ?

I would choose to be on campus.  I came to the office during distance learning as I like to keep work at work. Home is for time with family and my place to relax. 

Do you ever feel nervous about COVID19 and the challenges i’d bring if you do get the virus and how that would affect your teaching or just your daily life ? 

I focus on what I can control.  I have to take certain steps to make sure I’m safe and my students are safe, but I do not worry or get nervous about Covid 19. 

Clay Omohundro is a senior this year at Bishop High School.  Omohundro is a standout student athlete earning all league honors in basketball, football, and baseball.  Omohundro indicates that he was having issues in the beginning of the school year with being at home during full distance learning, but now he is on campus and seeing improvement.  

“Yes, the distance learning was pretty tough on me because I wouldn’t pay nearly as much attention to school work as I would if I was in seat.” Omohondro said.

Now that Omohundro is back on campus and enjoying his senior year he’s missed other teachers, students, and staff that he’d seen everyday while on campus. 

“Yes, I missed a lot of people that I wouldn’t see out of school.”

Omohundro doesn’t enjoy wearing masks at school but he does it to be back at school and getting the extra help he needs to succeed!

“The masks get annoying but I can deal with it.”

Being in person with social distancing and not being able to do the things you’d do at home has had its ups and downs for Omohundro but he believes school now with covid is just the same as how it was before this mess happened..

“It has its ups and downs but I think for myself it is just like school before covid 19.” 

Omohundros’ family is nervous about Omohundro going back to in-person learning, Although they believe that the other students will follow the guidelines of staying safe and keeping others safe.

“A little bit of both but I think most students are mature enough to follow rules to be safe.”

Lindsey Rowan is a Junior at Bishop High this year and sometimes enjoys being a distance learner instead of being in person at school, despite the fact that she misses her friends and seeing them in person.

Sort of. I like sleeping in and getting food whenever I want, but I miss seeing my friends in person.”

How long Rowan spends on school work is  at least one to two hours per day as well as attending her classes online via zoom. 

“It depends on how much homework I get. Besides attending all of the Zoom meetings, I spend one to two hours on homework per day.”

From Rowan being home and doing distance education there have been challenges with your learning capability, it’s very difficult to not procrastinate and stay focused, Rowan says. 

“Yeah, I have been having trouble staying focused, and my procrastination has gotten pretty bad.”

Rowan does miss school and the BUHS teachers and staff .  She was enjoying the time at home staying distanced but now she’s exhausted from not being able to be on campus.

I miss seeing everyone in person. I enjoyed the distancing and time away from campus when quarantine first started, now I am just tired of it.” 

If Rowan had a choice she would choose to be back on campus although she would want to as soon as it is safe.

“My choice would be to return to campus as soon as it is completely safe.”

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