Trapshooting Club New Season


Andy Rios

#3 Brooke Winzenread #10 Jordan Winzenread

Aidan O'Connor, writer

The Bishop Union High School Trap shooting club has finished their season. Ag Mechanics teacher Tim Wickersheim created the trapshooting club last year.  The team holds clay target shooting practice once a week at the Bishop Gun Club.  The local club was started last year but the league has been active in the state for over ten years.

“The actual name is USA clay target league which was started back in 2001,” Wickersheim said. “In 2008 California started what is known as California high school clay target league. I thought this would be something students would enjoy. I started what is known as Bronco clay busters last year.”

This shooting sport consists of shooting shotguns at clay discs that are thrown into the air.

To participate in the sport you must have hunter safety certification. “Anyone sixth grade and above can join the club,” Wickersheim said. “Students do have to have hunter safety certificates or take the online safety course through the league.”

Considering trap shooting a sport they are competitive and high schools do come to compete in bishop. There is a spring tournament and at the end of the season is a state tournament. Students do compete and win prizes for different goals.

 “Bronco clay busters is a club, but students do compete with other high schools in California, but there is no traveling, all shooting takes place at Bishop gun club,” Wickersheim said. “Scores are entered and the league keeps track of scoring. At the end of spring league there is a state tournament that is open to any student that competed during spring. There are awards that the league gives out for various accomplishments.”

Brooke Winzenread is a Junior who participates in the club. Winzenread has enjoyed being a part of the unique club. It’s her first year with the trap shooting team.

“It’s my first year in the club, and I’ve come to really enjoy it.”

Many people who have joined the club love to be a part of the sport and most will stay with the club until next season. For  Brooke Winzenread it’s her first year and enjoys the club a lot.

“ I enjoy the club and the sport and will gladly stay for next season.”

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