Bishop Broncos Working Through The Pandemic


Isaias Rios

Justin Brooks, Clay Omohundro

Branson Jernigan

In the face of a global pandemic the Bishop Broncos are preparing for a football season. The Bishop Broncos are preparing for this football season even though there are restrictions due to the pandemic. In a time of uncertainty the football program continues to hold workouts to be prepared for the season.  The delayed season is set to begin with a home game on January 22nd. 

Bronco spring athletes had their seasons cancelled this past year.  Last year’s graduating class did not have a chance to experience their final baseball, softball, track and golf seasons.  Athletic Director Stacy Van Nest is hopeful that the 2020 fall seasons will take place. 

“I am hoping that all of our athletes get the opportunity to play the sports they love,” Van Nest said. “It will most likely look different than it has in the past, but I am hoping our athletes want to play bad enough that they are willing to do what it takes.  I am hoping they are willing to play with a mask, or not have a crowd to cheer them on or have parents transport to where they need to go.  I think if our athletes want to play bad enough that any safety precautions are not going to get in the way of their performance.  Broncos know how to face adversity and adjust for the better!”

Varsity Coach Arnie Palu led the Broncos to the school’s third CIF championship in 2019, but now there is a real possibility that the 2020 season might be delayed, again.  Palu is focused on getting the team in the best position possible. 

“I feel that there is a lot of uncertainty heading into the season, but we are focused on what we can control,” Palu said. “We are focused on getting our athletes in the best shape possible to be ready whenever we start practicing and playing.”

While teams are still waiting for guidelines from the state for youth sports competitions, Palu and the team will be ready for any restrictions. 

 “While we don’t have exact guidance on masks during play, right now athletes do not have to wear masks while working out outside, but do have to wear masks in the weight room,”Palu said. “We will do whatever we are asked to do to be able to play. The kids really want to play.” 

Clay Omohundro is the starting quarterback for the Broncos.  Omohundro missed the second half of the 2019 season with an injury.  He is part of a strong senior class that is hoping for a chance to play.

“I think our football season is going good based on what we are actually able to do during the pandemic, the team is ready for whenever we get to take the field.” Omohundro said.

As students and athletes are getting used to the new guidelines such as wearing a mask and social distancing, Omohundro feels that players will do whatever it takes. 

“When on the field I believe that the players do not need to wear masks but when around coaches and people that are more at risk to wear a mask around them,” Omohundro said. “Masks would definitely make the running and breathing more difficult but I think we’ll do what we have to do.” 

The Broncos continue to hold conditioning and weight lifting sessions four days a week and follow the guidelines that are required. The first official practice is Monday December 7th.