Bronco Football Prepares For Winter Season


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Garrett Martinez , Sports Writer

Football team working hard as 2021 approaches 

The 2019 CIF champs are having a rough start to their 2020 season. Instead of starting in the fall the season got pushed back to the winter so this leaves a lot of free time for many of the varsity athletes. Due to Covid the athletes are left to wonder if their season will ever come and that stress is certainly affecting student athletes.  So how are BUHS players and coaches dealing with this season mentally and physically?  

Kennedy Batchelder, a student-athlete, explained the challenges he has faced when dealing with COVID and his season of football.

“The hardest part would have to be my knee injury at the beginning of quarantine and finding the motivation to keep lifting and keeping in shape and not being a couch potato” said Batchelder.

His injury won’t stop him from becoming the best he can be on the field this season he is always lifting and getting stronger to prove he has the intent on being unstoppable. 

Another challenge the football team faces is keeping the players motivated both the Head Coach Arnie Palu and Kennedy Batchelder, a junior at the high school have given an insight on how they both try to keep the team motivated to play.

“Staying positive. Reshifting their focus on what matters, not the uncontrollables, Coach Palu said, “I have found that getting our athletes out and working hard on the field and in the weight room can really brighten their spirits, really helps them focus on getting better physically and mentally.” 

Coach Palu feels there is true value in keeping his team inspired.  His goal is to focus on what they can control this season and give the team some sense of normalcy from being in the weight room and working on the field.

 Kennedy also gave his thoughts on how he wants the team to be inspired and how he tries to accomplish it.
“The way I keep the team motivated is by making sure everyone has a ride to practice or always talking football with someone who is willing to talk or just try to keep their spirits up so they’re ready to go for the season.” Batchelder said. 

The Junior linebacker indicates that he cares deeply for the team and he would like to see more of his teammates be ready for the season.  2020 has been a year full of doubt, fear and anxiety, and having teammates fall away is a concern for Batchelder.  That fear has not slowed Batchelder’s drive to prepare for the uncertain season.  

“The thing keeping me motivated is my championship ring from last year”, Batchelder said. “I look at it every night because it gives me the motivation to keep digging in no matter what challenges we face this year because we are coming for another ring this year.”

As covid numbers spike throughout the state, the Bronco players, coaches and fans are hopeful that the delayed 2020 season will begin on time.  Currently the Broncs are scheduled to begin practice on December 7th, with their first game set for January 22, 2021.  

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