How Did The Smoke Affect Your Daily lives?


Isaias Rios

smoke behind mountain

Joseph Red Owl, Writer

Bishop Adjusts to Poor Air Quality

California in the past few months experienced an intense heatwave that fueled massive wildfires throughout the state polluting the air with smoke which affected our lives. Many residents had their lives come to a halt; they had to adapt their work schedules as well as having to restrict their hobbies to ensure their well-being.

Noah Williams a Bishop resident spoke about how the smoke affected his daily life.

“The smoke was very unpleasant and it limited my outdoor activities” Williams said. 

 Noah Williams also spoke about how the smoke affected his job that spends time out in nature he said when the AQI reached 200 they would have to work inside making it difficult to complete his work in time for work deadlines.

The smoke also affected local student-athletes here in Bishop.

Bishop Union High School student-athletes had to adapt their lifestyles to the smoke which affected their practice schedule restricting what they can work on alongside the challenges of covid-19.

Garret Martinez, a local student-athlete here at Bishop Union High School, spoke about the challenges the smoke had on him.

 Garret Martinez spoke about his history with asthma which was his only worry when the smoke appeared he said that he would avoid going outside when things were looking very bad.

 Garret Martinez spoke about how he had to adapt his athletics to the smoke he spoke about how the smoke would restrict their workouts they would have to go inside or even take the day off.