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Isa Vasquez

Jacee Carpenter

Brooke Winzenread, Sports Writer

Bronco Tennis Starting in February

Finally, the news we have all been waiting to receive is here, school sports are kicking off again.  Like most, Covid-19 has restricted the 2020-2021 tennis season which is now set to begin in February of 2021. Practice will begin on February 22nd, and the first match will be a home game against Rosamond.

With covid preventing the season from happening at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, it is unsure what the season will look like, and what covid restrictions will be enforced, however, until certain guidelines that, CIF and the high school require the team is unsure what they will face until the season starts.

To get an insight into how the team feels about this upcoming season, I had the pleasure of interviewing head coach Patty Cummings as well as two returning players Jacee Carpenter, and Hailey Bragdon who are both Juniors at Bishop Union High School. 

“Challenges for the season will be the weather if starting on February 22nd, it may be dark, cold, and windy, then ending the season in May could be very warm” commented Coach Cummings. 

Another challenge is whether or not Cummings will be able to get enough players to make a team this year.

“The tennis team needs to carry at least eight players to compete twelve  would be a good number to normally have on the team however this year with multiple sports competing at the same time it may be better to try to have fourteen or fifteen,” Cumming said. 

Rosamond being the first opponent the team plays will bring much competition this team might be unprepared for. Last year, Rosamond and Kern Valley were the team’s toughest competition, and with the team being unable to practice, it is unsure how they will do.

Bragdon was a first-year doubles player last year. She plans on returning this season.

“I have gone and played with some of my friends or I go by myself and practice my serves,” Bragdon said. “Also, a few of my teammates have been planning to start practicing together to get ready for the season.”

Carpenter, who was a singles and doubles player last season and plans on returning this year. 

“I am mostly looking forward to going to practice and having fun with my teammates again,” Carpenter said.

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Hailey Jo Bragdon (Isa Vasquez)