Broncos React to MLB Season


Kennedy Batchelder

Colt Matteson , Sports Writer

Students Give their Input on 2020 Season

The World Series has concluded ending a bizarre and unique major league baseball season. The Los Angeles Dodgers did come up with the victory over the Tampa Bay Rays claiming the World Series title. But should there be an asterisk next to a title won during a global pandemic? I was able to catch up with some fellow Broncos to get their take on the shortened season. 

Kennedy Batchelder is a junior who was a member of the Broncos CIF baseball championship team. Kennedy feels that the Dodgers title was very fair. He was disappointed with the length of the season but still was grateful.

“It kind of sucks because we didn’t get the full season to watch but at least we still got some baseball.” Batchelder said. 

That being said, Batchelder thought the shortened baseball season did not affect the World Series as it gave everyone the same chance with a fresh start and an equal opportunity to get to the World Series.

The playoffs did produce some great memories for the Dodger fan, including his favorite moment of the season.

“When Mookie Betts robbed the home run in game seven against the Braves for the NLCS.” Batchelder Said. 

He lastly stated “Yes they were. I am a Dodgers fan” when he was asked if his team in the World Series.

Connor Holland is a junior and well-known baseball watcher. Connor feels like his favorite team did great this year but does think there is some room to improve.

His favorite moment by his favorite baseball team was the same as Kennedys’ was “the home run Mookie Betts robbed against the Braves.”

Connor’s favorite team is the Dodgers and was very happy about their outcome, he said, “They won the World Series so I’m really happy, It was the first one in 32 years.”

But he didn’t want to make any predictions because “I’m really superstitious so I’m not going to say anything to ruin something but I think highly of them.”

Connor thinks the only thing they should do better is  “play small ball more.” Connor is ready for the next season to take place and can’t wait for his Dodgers to do their magic.

Braeden Gillem is a senior who is an active baseball watcher and was a part of the Broncos CIF baseball championship team.

He noticed there was no home team which made it fair all around but he was very entertained with years of World Series. I asked him what his thoughts on his World Series. 

“It certainly didn’t disappoint, but one thing I noticed is that no team had home-field advantage once during the whole series.” Gillem said. 

The team Braeden was rooting for did win and he celebrated. 

“I did have a little celebration with a few of my buds about the amazing season our team (Dodgers) had,”  Gillem said, “My friends and family went to dinner and had a good night in celebration.” 

Overall the Bishop Union Highschool students loved the outcome of the MLB seasons and are looking forward to next year.

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