Student Senate

This is the Bronco roundup page from BUHS or also known as The Broncos

This is the Bronco roundup page from BUHS or also known as The Broncos

Shania Womack, Journalist

Student Senate Meeting

Last night, the Student Senate held a meeting in the Carol Lind Board Room in order to discuss some changes that they want to implement into the school. They started off the meeting by giving updates on clubs and what they are doing around campus. They gave updates on all of the events that ASB is putting on such as the Winter Dance, Valentine Grams, and the lounging on the Lawn. They also talked about painting murals on the bathroom stalls, adding hand sanitizer in the hallways, changing the dress code, adding a rock garden in between the English and Math building, and changing schedules. 


The first presentation was about adding murals into the bathrooms as a way to brighten things up and prevent vandalism. They talked about how if something was on the walls then people wouldn’t draw on them because it’s not just a blank slate. Many students have commented that the color of the bathroom is so plain and boring that they would love to have a little color in there. 

The next presentation was about adding a rock garden in between the Math and English building. They ta;ked about different fundraising ideas and ways to earn money for the garden. They talked about putting plants that require little water so they wouldn’t have to pay to keep the plants alive. They also talked about how Bishop Mural Society said they would be willing to donate anything they need paint-wise if they wanted to paint the rocks in a bronco themed design. They talked about painting the rocks in glow in the dark paint so at night the school can be a little less dark. 

Another presentation was about changing the dress code to be more fair to all students and body types at BUHS. They talked about how it has been years since the dress code was last updated and that most of the code is directed at women. They talked about instead of using the rule, “shorts must go to your fingertips” to use actual numbers so that it is fair for everyone.

Following this they talked about adding hand sanitizers in the hallways as a way to prevent sickness from spreading as fast from the student to student. A letter has been written and is almost ready to be sent to administration but they plan to talk to the doctor on campus to get her behind it before sending it off to them. 

The final thing they talked about during the meeting was changing schedules. They want to implement a dual system where students could enroll in Cerro Coso and do a dual enrollment so that students could get college credit while still being in high school. The second part of this topic is changing the schedule to be a block schedule which would make it easier for students to do the dual enrollment over at Cerro Coso.

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