BUHS Junior Varsity Mathletes place 2nd in Rosamond


Richard Rubalcaba, Writer

The Junior Varsity Mathletes placed 2nd in the battle of Rosamond. This time our JV Mathletes placed second with 27 as their score and in the first place was Tehachapi who were four points ahead (31). The broncos that traveled to this meet were Rose Bracken, Nathan Wesling, Kai Cokeley, Braden McGrale, Lyndsey Rowan, Angela Gaudet, Will Hennarty, Branden Gardea, Abbey Gabriel, Owen Hildenbrand, Cashus Puhvel, Dillion Sweet, Kyle Schaniel, Garret Wesling, Ethan Fahey, Ryan Forbis, Liam Tilleman, and Richard Rubalcaba.

The JV Mathletes faced a certain problem that was downright wacky and hard the problem was.

If a meadow contains twice as many beetles as spiders and collectively they are wearing one hundred pairs of shoes, how many spiders and how many beetles are in the meadow? (Note: Spiders have 8 legs each and beetles have 6 legs each.)

There were twelve ribbons given to our JV Mathletes and it follows from Nathan Wesling and Cashus Puhvel who received 1st place ribbons. For 2nd place ribbons, it was Lyndsey Rowan, Kai Cokeley, Garret Wesling, and Dillion Sweet. For 3rd place ribbons, there was Owen Hildenbrand and Ethan Fahey. And finally, for fourth place ribbons, we have Rose Bracken, Kyle Schaniel, and Liam Tillemans.

Coach Mrs. Bucholz had this to say “I love this team! They work hard at these meets and love spending time together. One more meet to go, Bishop.” Great work JV Mathletes keep pulling your weight and continue to support your fellow Mathetes.