Commercial Flight at Bishop’s Airport

Shania Womack, Journalist

Bishop Airport Receiving Commercial Flights

On October 1st, 2020 commercial flights will begin flying in and out of Bishop’s airport. Some of these commercial flights include a flight to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver. Ashley Helms, one of the people in charge of administering the project, spoke in front of about 50 people about what they are doing to improve the safety and quality of the airport. She mentioned that they are currently working on renovating the runway and also mentioned that the pavement will soon be in excellent shape. She also mentioned that they will be working on improving the parking as currently there is a dirt lot that cars have been using. 

As far as what airlines are planning to be flying out of Bishop Airport include only one at the moment. Supervisor Griffiths, who is also a big part of the project said that United Airlines flights will be flying to Los Angeles once a day in the summer and during the winter there will be flights to San Francisco and Denver as well.

The presentation of which all of the above information was mentioned lasted about 25 minutes and allowed for public comment where many people expressed their happiness and support for having an airport in Bishop.

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