Shell Station Shooting Press Release

This is the Bronco roundup page from BUHS or also known as The Broncos

This is the Bronco roundup page from BUHS or also known as The Broncos

Shania Womack, Journalist

BPD’s Second Press Release

As more information about the shooting at the Shell Station on North Main Street comes out, many gaps in information have been released about the incident by Bishop Police Department. In fact,  the second official press release they have published to the public told us some information that they were unable to release before due to legal reasons. In this press release, they also mention that once they have confirmed the identity of the decedent they will be releasing a supplemental press release that is expected to be quite telling. That being said, the Bishop Police Department press release is below:



Press Release #2
The following supplemental press release will fill in some of the gaps that we could not reveal earlier for legal, ethical, and case management reasons. Our social media platform is robust; we were able to provide an update early on followed by additional updates and then the first press release. The Bishop Police Department feels it important to keep the public informed as much as reasonably possible but hopes to not be a springboard for something other than helpful information. While we certainly understand the community being stunned by this event, we are respectfully requesting that responses to our social media updates remain appropriate. We are discouraging self-initiated sleuthing as doing so not only could undermine our investigation but could also unintentionally cause harm to those still investigating. All inquiries should be directed only to BPD.
Today at about 3:00 PM, BPD re-contacted Brandee Trujillo, who last week had fled from the Shell gas station to Jean Blanc Rd. and was subsequently arrested on an out-of-state fugitive warrant related to drug trafficking. Trujillo is from the Bakersfield, CA area. BPD’s updated charges are:
664/187 PC: Attempted murder
664/211 PC: Attempted robbery
664/215 PC: Attempted carjacking
182 PC: Conspiracy
29800 PC: Felon in possession of a firearm
135 PC: Destroy or conceal evidence
As we move forward, a legal analysis will be completed to determine if California’s felony murder rule applies: Trujillo engaged in criminal behavior that resulted in a death – albeit her boyfriend.
Trujillo will soon be arraigned on these new charges.
BPD is nearly certain of the decedent’s identity. However, an autopsy this week will provide the positive identification through fingerprints and/or DNA. Once the positive identification has been made, BPD will issue another supplemental press release. It is anticipated that this press release will be quite telling.
BPD spent hours processing the shooting scene and was greatly assisted by Inyo County’s CSI. Days later, BPD personnel examined and processed both the victim’s and the suspect’s vehicles. This too was a long, meticulous process unlike what is often represented on television or in the movies. Over one-hundred pieces of evidence were collected, some of it enhancing and broadening our investigation. Many pieces of evidence will be sent to the California Department of Justice laboratory for further analysis, which can take many months.
As mentioned in previous updates, our victim is local. BPD has been communicating with him and feels it prudent at this point to keep his name and injury details confidential. He is recovering and optimistic.
The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with possible relevant information about this incident, or those involved, is encouraged to contact BPD as soon as possible.
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