Boys Soccer Ties The Enemy


Isaias Rios

Hugo Santana

Jordan Winzenread, Sports Staff

Soccer Boys Looking Forward To The Rematch

On Tuesday, November 19, the BUHS Boys Soccer Team played the Mammoth Huskies. For the past couple of years, the boys have never been able to win Mammoth, hoping for a win, the boys went out and played.

By the first half, the score was tied 0-0. Obviously this game was more evenly matched and a fight. In the second half, the Mammoth boys were given a penalty kick, but goalie Uriel Gonzales made an amazing save, stopping the Huskies from taking the lead.  The Broncos used that momentum and scored shortly after, with Kirkland Harper scoring a goal, to set the Broncos ahead 1-0. Soon after, Mammoth came back and scored a goal tieing it up 1-1. The battle continued between the two teams but ended with a tie of 1-1.

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