Broncos Buck The Huskies Off Their Home Field


Andres Rios

#13 Daniela Santana

Jordan Winzenread, Sports Staff

Soccer Girls Take The Win

On Tuesday November 19, the BUHS Girls Soccer Team headed up the hill to face their rivals The Mammoth Huskies. In previous seasons the teams are known to be very competitive with one another, only winning or losing by one or two goals, so it was expected to be a battle again this year, but that was not the reality.

In the first half of the game, the Broncos took the lead 4-0. The goals were scored by JuliAnna Jackson, Daniela Santana and two by Haley Yarborough.

The second half got colder and snow began spitting out of the sky, but that did not stop the Broncos. Gisell Mora, Taylor Dailey, and Cynthia Gonzales scored three more goals, ultimately crushing the Huskies 7-0.

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