Varsity Mathletes Take 3rd place in Silver Valley

Richard Rubalcaba, Writer

The BUHS Varsity Mathletes tried their best in their mathematical battle between Desert HS and Tehachapi but unfortunately made third place. The broncos that traveled to Silver Valley were Rachel Fitt, Scott Hennarty, Lauren Wesling, Clara Place, Ace Selters, Madison Foster, Thomas Zentimyer, Jordan Lopez, Nick Jacobs, and Sierra Burror. The broncos faced questions like.

Che has 5q+1 quarters and Ricardo has q+5 quarters. What is the difference in their money in dimes expressed in terms of q?

and also

The fraction 5x-11/2x²+x-6 was obtained by adding the two fractions A/x+2 and B/ 2x-3. Find the values of A and B.

There were 2 induvial ribbons given and they were given to Clara Place and Ace Selters. Even though they made third place in this battle they still tried their very best. Coach DeDe Bucholz said “Another strong effort by the team. I am very proud of each mathlete.”

Good Job Broncos for doing your best We hope to see more of your effort in the next meet.