Broncos Defeat Rivals Kern Valley

Sadie Dishion, Sports staff

Broncos vs Kern Valley

Bishop Broncos defeated Kern Valley on Tuesday, October 22nd at home on Senior Night. Bishop beat Kern Valley for the second time this season going to four sets. The first set the Broncos took 25-11, the second set the Broncos also pulled off 26-24, but then losing the third set 25-22 then finishing the match up winning the fourth game 25-14.

I talked to senior Cassidy Mann and asked her a few questions about this years season. I asked her why she believes the Broncos have been able to keep the five game winning streak alive and she replied with, “The team has had this passion to win every game. Every girl has been executing their skills and technique consistently and been pushing themselves to get better every practice and match. We play our best game for each other and that’s what has been key to defeating these teams this season.”

I also asked her what has been the biggest impact this season was and she answered saying, “The biggest impact for me this season has probably realizing at the beginning of the season, that the team really needed a new setter. It was completely new but I’ve never set before and it just took some time getting used to. ” 

The Broncos will head over to Frazier on Thursday, October 24 to play the Falcons the second time around after being defeated at home the last time they played them. Hoping to finish their winning streak of six before heading to playoffs.

Bronco Stats: 

Cassidy Mann: Kills-6, Digs-16, Assists-10

Hana Hogan: Kills-7, Digs-2

Paige Vance: Kills-7, Digs-2

Sadie Dishion: Digs-9

Sophie Guitierrez: Digs-1

Dakota Reynolds: Kills-1, Digs-9

Mary Suver: Kills-3, Digs-3, Assists-10

Mercedes Jahn: Digs-5

Haven Del Giudice: Kills-5

Idalia Jimenez: Kills-1, Digs-4

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