Homecoming Court Announcement


Allison Birkhimer, News Editor

Homecoming Court Announcement


This morning the Homecoming court was announced, they are the following. For the Freshman Cain Omohundro is prince and Cynthia Gonzales is princess. For Sophomores Zachary Mojarro is prince and Isabeau Ostly-Vasquez is princess.

For Juniors Danilo Martins Salati Sudki is prince and Averly Haye is princess.

The runners for Senior prince are Zevin Crockett, Todd Dowers, Bodie Steinwand, Justin Brooks and Luke Richardson. Runners for Senior princess are Carla China, Madison Dews, Amelia Marcuson, Fiona Swanson, Lauren Kost, and Elizabeth Ponch.

NASA prince is Jonathon Torres and NASA princess is Anaya Brown. 

Lantino Prince is Cristofer Ruiz-Sandoval and Latina princess is Daniela Morales-Garcia



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