Bishop Bronco JV Defeats Tonopah Muckers September 9th, 2016


Player 10: Jayden Braithwaite

Bishop JV Wins 54-14

September 9th, 2016 at 4:00 pm our very own Bishop Broncos dominated the Tonopah Muckers 54-14.  Tonopah has a 12 man JV team in total, they play 8 man football which meant the Bishop Broncos had to shrink their starting team down to 8 man instead of 11 man . This was a tactic that Coach Arnie Palu had to work on with the boys. The practices helped, and so did the ginormous team of the Bishop Broncos, that caused some intimidation for the Tonopah Players. Muckers Quarterback Dillan Otteson stated , ” It was intimidating. We had a bad start, and Bishop did good they had it all down. I expected us to score a few more touchdowns.” Tonopah would like to come back to dominate the Bishop Broncos, this Saturday at Tonopah.

Cameron Gardea #80 stated that playing 8 man instead of 11 man, ” it wasn’t as fun, but still fun.” when asked what Tonopah should work on  he stated, ” That they need to get their snaps down, because they were high and it gave us time to get to their Quarter back.”  In all the game was a major success for the Bishop Broncos , and hopefully that winning streak follows the team all the way to the Mackers vs. Broncos in Tonopah. We got the chance to talk to one other player by the name of Joey Lewein from the Tonopah , when asked about the game he stated, ” The turn out was not that we expected , but it is what it is. And we will be ready next game.”

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