Arnie Palu, the Man, the Myth, the University of Nebraska Graduate


Arnie Palu

Paige Vance, News Editor


Arnie Palu Profile

Arnie Palu has been coaching the BUHS football team since ‘08 and he’s been teaching at BUHS for three years and is definitely one of everyone favorite teachers (despite feeding us out of date food).


Palus favorite part of his job is “getting to spend time around quality young individuals. [He enjoys] the fact that [his] job is new every day. Students walk into the classroom with a variety of moods and behaviors each day and you never know what you’re going to get.”


Almost everyone knows Palu because of his bald head, he was even voted best bald head at BUHS this year. When I asked him about who inspired him to go bald he said “No one it just happened. The hair just started falling out early on, it was a slow process of it disappearing around the age of 21. 21-24 were the balding years. I had seen that train coming a long time before.”


There’s a lot of things Palu doesn’t like such as people saying golf isn’t a sport or anything about the beach. He says “The beach represents everything I hate about things, it’s loud, dirty, it has fecal matter, it’s free so there’s too much riff-raff around, and there are dolphins, no one likes dolphins.” There’s only one thing Palu likes about the beach and it’s the Brown Butter Cookie Company located in Cayucos, CA.


Along with teaching 5 classes Palu also coaches football and most recently was the interim golf coach for the 2019 season. I asked Palu why he chose to coach golf and he told me “I didn’t choose to coach golf, golf chose me. The administration came to me during the season and asked me to step in and help finish the year so I saw it as an opportunity to help and meet more student-athletes. So I was happy to do it.”


If you know Palu one of the many things he’s proud of is being the BUHS’s football coach. Palu says his favorite part of coaching is “The relationships, I love being a part of young men’s journeys from boyhood to manhood. I feel like I have the opportunity to help them.”


Palu inspires many people in school and outside of school but his biggest inspiration is his parents. He said “My mom, and dad are the two hardest working people I’ve ever known my whole life they’ve worked hard and taught me how to work hard. We would usually take off one weekend a year. They’re the most amazing hardworking people I’ve ever known.”



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