Say Goodbye to Our Seniors

Shania Womack, Journalist

Senior Send-Off Rally

On May 23rd Bishop Union High School is going to be having their annual Senior Send-Off Rally where the 8th graders from HSMS, Round Vally, and Seventh Day Adventist head over to the BUHS Campus. At this rally, there will be games and students will welcome the incoming Freshman and bid their farewell to the seniors.


Beginning/Throughout rally: Band Playing


12:13 PM National Anthem- Abby Stoiber


12:18 PM Mr. Blocker Congratulate and Mention Spring Sports

  • Students involved: (Baseball, Track, Softball, Golf)
  • Students stand in their place


12:20 PM Game- Watermelon Eating Contest (play Wild N’ Free song)

    • Incoming Freshman:
      • Will Hennarty/ Steven Poole
      • Madi Torres / Nimrit Khurana
    • Current Freshman:
      • Colton Matteson / Walker Rost Kruger
      • Isabeau Vasquez/ Geneva Molina
    • Current Sophomores:
      • Caeley Salque / Autumn Davis
      • Isaiah Garfield / Garrett Martinez    
    • Current Juniors:
      • Bodie Steinwand / Connor Lynch
      • Anaya Brown / Fiona Swanson
    • Current Seniors:
      • Will Dillard / Miki Rapp
      • Maddy Hernandez / Patricia Galvan
    • Staff:
      • Mrs. Gianopolous / Mrs. Honrath
      • Mrs. Glaser / Mr. Palu
    • Janitors:
      • Franz Borow / Ryan Daugherty  


12:28 PM Hula Hoop Relay


  • 10 random students from each class in circles in the middle of the gym floor



12:36 PM Transition

  1. All 8th graders will move to the West Wall.
  2. Current Seniors will step down from the bleachers and move to the East Wall.
  3. Current Juniors will move to the Seniors spot.
  4. Current Sophomores will walk diagonally across the gym to the Juniors spot.
  5. Current Freshman will move over to the Sophomore spot.
  6. Current Seniors walk over to the incoming freshman and give them purple leis.
  7. Incoming freshmen will move into the freshman spot.
  8. Seniors will now circle up in the middle of the floor for their last Alma Mater of the 2018-2019 school year.


12:42 PM Alma Mater – Band Playing Alma Mater



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