Morgan McKinney soon to be a MOM!!

Veronica Ramos Vargas, writer

Morgan Mckinney is a student at BUHS. McKinney is going to be a teen mom, some of the challenges she’s facing during her pregnancy is the judgment, having trouble finishing school and keeping in touch with family and friends. One thing that helps McKinney prepare herself for being a mom is her family, the tribe, friends and her sister-in-law. Mckinney is excited to be a mom and is prepared as she can be.

Mckinney is excited to see her baby because she has her family support. She will be transferring to Palli and do homeschooling from there. Her due date is June 21st, Mckinney baby full name is Sapphire Rose Napoles.

Mckinney will be having her baby at our Northern Inyo Hospital. She already has the baby’s room ready to go and she will be having a baby shower soon.