Student Senate Meeting Today in the BSC!!


Sofi Hernandez

BUHS Student Senate Official Panel

Rebecca Quintana, Sports Staff

Student Senate Will Meet With Town Council

On Friday, April 26th, there will be a meeting help in the Carl Lind Board Room at the Bishop Student Center. This meeting will take place during the school’s lunch time, 12:43-1:24, and everyone is welcome to attend the event!

The Bishop Student Senate will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of different departments that will be introduced by the town council.

The departments being discussed will be the following:
Fire Chief, Joe Dell
Police Chief, Ted Stec
Public Works Director/City Engineer, Dave Grah
Associate Planner/Economic Development Coordinator, Elaine Kabala
Assistant Finance Director, Ashlee Alex
Recreation Supervisor, Waylon Cleland
Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Dan Mc Elroy
City Clerk, Robin Picken

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