Students Who Deliver Happiness To Teachers

Shania Womack, Journalist

Coffee Please?

Every day on the BUHS campus, the Coffee Cart goes around the school asking all the teachers what they would like to buy. They sell baked goods, coffee, teas, cookies, scones, Cheez-its, granola bars, fruits, water, orange juice. Everything is $1 unless you get coffee and have your own cup then it is 0.50¢.

“The coffee cart was created to offer a functional work skills program, that is meaningful and motivating for my students… I wanted to create a program that prepares my students for this transition, in the most fun and meaningful way. They learn how to greet customers, work with money, add and subtract tabs, serve food and drinks, and navigate through the campus. It’s just so much more fun to learn these skills in a real-life environment!” says Alice Bruck, the creator and adviser of the Bronco Coffee Cart.

According to Bruck, the most they have ever made in a week was $150.00. Although they had to subtract the amount they actually spent on the products, it ended up being about $80-$100.

Bruck also said, “All of the proceeds go back into our special education program and it also sends all of our students on a 4-day ski trip to Mammoth with Disabled Sports of Eastern Sierra. We also host a large Thanksgiving Luncheon to say “Thank You” to all of our customers. It is nice to not have to ask others for money when we want to purchase something for our class or if we want to hold an event for our class.”

It is important to note that, they, “…are not allowed to sell to students because it is during class time and it violates the school policy. ”

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